Paperless Banking

Paperless Banking Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Paperless Banking all about?

First Capital Bank has launched Paperless banking across all its branches for all personal account holders. What this means is that manual or paper requests for certain transactions will no longer be processed from within our branches. The bank has put in place the necessary technology that will enable customers to perform these transactions without using or presenting paper-based requests. Customers, for instance, will no longer need to fill in deposit or withdrawal slips for them to have their transaction processed by a cashier.

  1. Why is First Capital Bank implementing Paperless Banking?

Going paperless comes with many other benefits such as convenience, ecological advantage, saving time and of course, minimized risk of COVID infection and ultimately a better banking experience.

  1. What is the due date for paper requests and what happens after that?

First Capital Bank has already embarked on a journey to paperless banking and over the next 3 months from 1 February-30 April 2022, we discourage our customers to use paper requests, such as filling in cash withdrawal slips, but instead start using our digital banking platforms. To give customers adequate time to migrate to paperless banking, the effective date for going paperless will be 1 May 2022, after which, manual transaction requests will no longer be processed.

Between now and the effective date, customers who are yet to register for our digital banking platforms will be assisted. However, we encourage all our customers to register for digital channels such as mobile banking (*229#), internet banking, WhatsApp banking (Alisa) and get their valid debit cards before the due date.

  1. Which transaction requests are no longer accepted within the branches?

The following paper-based/manual requests are no longer being processed in our branches: –

  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Cash Deposits
  • Balance Enquiries
  • RTGS Transfers
  • Inter Account transfers

Paper/manual requests for the above services may be accepted on a case by case basis, depending on its own merit.

  1. Are there any paper-based requests that you will still accept?

Yes, there are certain requests that will still be processed and these depend on the requests. Some of the manual requests that may be processed included:

  • Card Requests
  • Telegraphic transfers
  • Exchange control-related requests
  • Account Opening
  • Loan Applications, etc
  1. Now that you have launched Paperless Banking, what alternatives do I have?

The bank has put in place the necessary technology that will enable customers to perform these transactions without using or presenting paper-based requests. We have also ensured that our systems are stable over time. Our digital banking platforms are available and remain the primary alternative for our customers to do their transactions. You will be able to do your RTGS and Inter Account transfers, check your account balance, request mini statements and self-register on our digital banking platforms- Mobile Banking (*229#), Mobile App, Internet Banking and WhatsApp Banking (Alisa).

 In addition to these transactions, you are also able to do the following transactions

  • Pay your bills
  • Purchase airtime
  • Zipit transfers
  • Block/Unblock your debit card
  • Add your card to mobile banking
  1. How do I register for digital banking platforms

We have enabled the self-registration functionality for all our digital banking platforms. What this means is you can register on your own on any of our platforms without coming to the branch.

Internet banking – log in to our URL and  click on the Self Registration link

Mobile Banking (*229#) –Dial *229# on your phone and follow prompts

WhatsApp Banking (Alisa) – Save Alisa’s number +230 525 20322 and initiate a WhatsApp conversation by sending “Hi” to Alisa. Follow the prompts shown by Alisa.

  1. So that’s digital banking transactions, how do I do a Cash Withdrawal or cash deposit on my account?

You will be able to withdraw or deposit money into your Nostro and ZWL Accounts using your valid debit card. All you do is walk up to the cashier/teller counter and swipe on the PDQ provided. Our cashiers/tellers are available to assist you with your transaction. You can also withdraw your cash from our ATMs situated in major cities and towns countrywide.

  1. If I want to do a cash withdrawal or cash deposit, how will the teller know what I want to do and what proof do I get that I did a certain transaction?

Simply let the teller know what type of transaction you would like to do (deposit, withdrawal, etc.), and the teller will perform the transaction.

After you confirm that the transaction is correct, the teller will print the receipt as confirmation of your transaction.

  1. What do I do if I want to open an account?

Account Opening is still being processed within the branch upon filling in an account opening form. However, we encourage you to open your account on Alisa WhatsApp Banking. Simply save Alisa’s number +230 525 20322 and initiate a WhatsApp conversation by sending “Hi” to Alisa. Follow the prompts shown by Alisa.

  1. Does this mean paper statements are no longer printed?

Paper statements will still be issued from our branches. However, we encourage our customers to use internet banking platform to print their mini and full statements

  1. What happens if I am not yet registered on Digital Banking Platforms or my debit card is lost? Does this mean I will not be served?

If you are not yet registered on digital banking platforms, do not worry! We are together on this journey. We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition until you register and are ready for paperless banking. We urge all our customers to take this opportunity to register for our Digital Banking platforms. Our Personal Bankers are available to assist you during the whole process.

  1. How should I get in contact with you should I need further assistance

Should you require additional information, please feel free to contact our contact centre team on the toll-free line

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